How do you like your eggs in the morning?

With Easter looming, I like mine of the chocolate variety, melted and gooey on top of lightly toasted buttery brioche!

Creme Egg On Toast……..Creme Egg On Toast

I saw this on the internet somewhere and had to try it myself.

It may just be my favourite egg-travagant breakfast!

Creme Egg On Toast


It’s pretty easy peasy to do:

1. Pop 2 slices of brioche bread into a toaster and lightly toast.

2. Meanwhile carefully cut a creme egg in half.

Egg On Toast

3. Take another creme egg and melt in the microwave until all gooey.

4. Then take the brioche bread out of the toaster and spread on the melted creme egg. This becomes the best creamy chocolatey butter you’ve ever tasted!

5. Top the buttered brioche bread with the two creme egg halves and place under a grill until the creme eggs have melted a little. Becareful not to burn anything!

Then TUCK IN……

It is an egg-cellent way to start the day!

OK maybe only Easter Sunday!
Gooey Egg On Toast

I wish all butter tasted like this!

Trust me its worth all the calories and syns!
Close up of Egg On ToastDon’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!Two Little Chicks

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Have a happy Easter everyone 🙂