The Pudding Pantry

We were having a lazy Sunday afternoon amble around Nottingham when our stomachs started rumbling and we new it was time for lunch. 
At that point we looked up and The Pudding Pantry seemed to jump out at us (and I’m glad it did). With a name like that it was as if it were designed for me!

The Pudding Club Business Card

I eagerly stepped through the door. I love that excited feeling you get when you walk into a new restaurant/cafe. You don’t know what to expect, but you have high hopes. 
The Pudding Pantry did not disappoint.
I soon spotted all the gorgeous food laid out in front of me.
Cakes & Pastries
I then quickly noticed there was only one table free. So we promptly sat down. If it was this busy it had to be a good sign.
It has a simple, but delicious sounding menu.
They do have more of a menu for the rest of the week that I will have to make time to try.
As soon as we sat the waiter came over and told us about the american pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. It was very tempting. Especially when he then walked past with a stack of pancakes destined for another table, but made a quick detour via us to show us the goods!
But I did however chose the Roast Vegetable & Bulgar Wheat Salad with a lemon yogurt dressing.
It was so tasty. The lemony dressing was zingy and hints of garlic shone through. It all went perfectly.
It was scrambled egg on toast for my man.
I didn’t taste this as I was so enamored with my dish but apparently it was delicious. 
No sooner had we finished, we started to think of the pancakes once again and decided to share a plate. We quickly ordered them then had a short drink break….
…Then tucked into the fluffy pancakes, with the sweet and salty toppings.
It’s the first time I’ve had american pancakes and I think I can safely say – I’m hooked! 
This is such a delightful little cafe.
The staff were friendly and very helpful. The food was delicious. I will definitely be back. 
Their hot chocolate is firmly at the top of my list to try upon my return! 


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