The Cream Of Jersey

Jersey…..a place of stunning coastlines 

Ouaisne Bay

dramatic castles…
and my new favourite bay!
St Brelades Bay – more on this another day!

I’ve spent the last week in Jersey and it seems I’ve fallen in love with the place! 

If I’m truthful it was the other half who picked Jersey as our next holiday destination & secretly I didn’t want to go! I fancied a more exotic location bathed in sunshine, surrounded by sandy beaches, where I could drink delicious wine whilst watching the waves lap the shore! 

It turns out that Jersey is all of that and more (ok not the exotic part)!

Who’d have thought you could get that in the UK!

After only a short flight we were transported to a beautiful island. 

We stayed in St Hellier. The hub of Jersey.
Even the town centre reminds you of the beach with all its wonderful water features.

St Hellier is a great shopping experience! I was quite glad of my 20kg luggage weight limit otherwise it would have been an expensive trip!

We soon found out St Hellier had a lot more to offer other than fabulous shops!

Visible from St Hellier in St Aubins Bay was Elizabeth Castle. 

The castle is steeped in history. 
Elizabeth castle has defended Jersey for more than 400 years.
During the Second World War it was the only part of the UK captured by the Germans. 

The scenery around the castle is breathtaking.

Away from St Hellier, everywhere you go you’re met with quaint seaside bays, full of colourful fishing boats and Oyster cages.

The fish on offer here is to die for.

Not to mention the desserts! 

And the wine!

Ahhh….The Cream of Jersey
It’s suddenly dawned on me, we didn’t actually get round to sampling Jersey Cream during our stay!
How could we have let this happen?!
There’s only one thing for it…..
…..I need another trip to the stunning little island quick smart. 
There certainly is much more to this delicious island. 
Jersey, I’ve not finished with you yet!


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