Summer Red Berry Smoothie

Packed full of red berries, bananas & coconut, this delicious smoothie is summer in a bottle.ย 


These last few days in the UK have been bliss. The sun has been shining down and it’s only April!

April is normally known for it’s April showers. But I’ll quite happily settle for showers of sunshine this year thanks!

To celebrate the sun I’ve made my Summer Red Berry Smoothie.

Red Berry Smoothie

Ta dah!Summer Red Berry Smoothie So easy to make and extremely easy to drink!Summer Smoothie Whiz up 1 frozen banana, 150g frozen red berries & 1 x 400ml tin of coconut milk. Blitz until all ingredients are blended to a smooth smoothie type state!

Summer Smoothie Pour into your glass or bottle and slurp away!

For a thicker smoothie, enjoy straight away. Or leave the drinkย to defrost a little for a more liquid consistency.

Either way it’s pretty tasty!Summer Smoothie With one sip you’ll be transported to a Caribbean island, lying in a hammock on the beach!

Summer Smoothie Ok not literally!

So I’ll settle for lying in my back garden on a picnic blanket looking at the blooming blossom.Summer Red Berry Smoothie

Red Berry Smoothie


April, lets keep up the good work with the weather!




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