Sky High Tea

Why settle for an afternoon tea on the ground floor, when you can have a luxurious afternoon tea at The Shard on the 72nd floor over looking London.

Fortnum & Mason have teamed up with The Shard in London to offer an extreme afternoon tea!

Afternoon Tea at The Shard

There’s none of this ground floor nonsense, instead this afternoon tea is served picnic style on the 72nd floor of The Shard.

Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Little tables are set up on ‘The Viewing Platform’ in prime position for the most spectacular 360 degree views spanning up to 40 miles across the city of London.

Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Afternoon Tea at The ShardAfternoon Tea at The Shard

The River Thames

The Houses of Parliment

The scene is set for a picnic with grass, flowers, pillows and deck chairs.

Afternoon Tea at The Shard Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Afternoon Tea at The Shard

And surrounded by the sounds of tweeting birds, your afternoon tea is served.

Fortnum & Mason Hamperling

Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Whilst in awe of the view you can tuck into a cup of tea and some scrumptious finger sandwiches. Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Afternoon Tea at The Shard Fortnum & Mason Sandwiches

Cup of tea? Afternoon Tea at The Shard If you can put your camera down for long enough then scones are next up on the menu.

Afternoon Tea at The Shard Scones with Jam & Clotted CreamCornish Scone with Jam & CreamDo you like your scones the Cornish Way – with the jam on first?

Or the Devonshire Way – with the cream on first?

Comment below!

Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Don’t forget to look up!

(It was about half way through the afternoon tea that I realised there was no roof. The shards of glass simply ended at the blue sky!)

This is indeed a proper picnic!

The Shard glass walls Blue Sky Sun

Then the star of the show, the pièce de résistance, bring out the Showstopper cakes! Afternoon Tea at The Shard Each one is special, but the strawberry and pistachio tart is especially worth a try!

Strawberry & Pistachio TartAfternoon Tea at The Shard I was pleasantly surprised by the rose macaron!
Afternoon Tea at The Shard Sky High Tea Whilst you while away the time munching cakes, you can plan where you’re off to next.Sky High Tea The London Eye perhaps?

The London EyeThe London EyeTower Bridge?Tower Bridge Canary Wharf?Canary Wharf Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Or perhaps you fancy a wander round The Gerkin, The Cheese Grater and The Walkie Talkie?

Sky High Tea Don’t forget to wave at the window cleaners before you go.

Sky High Tea

They scale the 306m high building in an open-topped vessel that sways in the breeze, to clean the endless windows of The Shard. Now that is either brave or crazy? I cannot decide! But I know that I would have to phone in sick with nerves if that was my job on a Monday morning.

Sky High Tea

Oh and don’t forget to visit the toilet before you leave!

Just don’t be put off by the floor length windows!
A View from The Loo If you’re planning a trip to London I ‘highly’ recommend a trip to The Shard.
Sky High Tea

Book your table for an afternoon tea whilst you’re there and enjoy the spectacular views with tea, scones & cake!

How very British!




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