I can imagine eating this dish on a stunning sunny day in Greece. The sun blazing down on me with a glass of wine firmly in one hand!

Served hot or cold this dish will transport you there in an instant.

I’ve not made it to Greece as yet but I’ve got my eyes firmly set on going one day. I’ve seen pictures of Santorini and it looks breathtaking. So for the purpose of this daydream I shall be based in Santorini!

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar WheatRoasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar WheatAnyway back to the dish of the day – Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat & Feta.

What you will need:

1 x courgette

1 x pepper

3 x tomatoes

Half a squash

1 x red onion

Half a garlic bulb

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 generous teaspoon Italian herbs

Olives & Feta Cheese (as much as you want)

100g bulgar wheat

Approx 450mls chicken stock (dependent on bulgar wheat cooking instructions)


Now this dish is packed full of flavour and the vast array of summery veg add a ton of colour. This is one tasty way to stock up on your 5 a day.Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar WheatSo to get started we’ll have to put the daydream of Greece aside and bring out the old elbow grease instead!

Get your sharpest knife and start chopping your veg.

As a general rule aim to keep the firmer veg to 2cm chunks and the softer veg chop into slightly larger chunks.

Chopped Vegetables

Slice the garlic bulb in half lengthways.

Chopped garlic bulb Scatter all the veg onto a baking tray. Drizzle the oil and herbs over the veg then toss to coat the veg evenly.

Pop into a preheated oven 200C for 25-35 minutes. Time may vary depending on the size of your veg chunks! But you want the vegΒ to be cooked right through.Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat Meanwhile…….

Make 100g bulgar wheat according to the packet instructions, using chicken stock instead of water.

For example I made 450mls chicken stock, put it on to boil then added 100g of bulgar wheat (that had been previously rinsed under cold water). I left the bulgar wheat to simmer gently for 15 minutes until the stock had been absorbed.Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat Once the bulgar wheat is cooked through and the veg is roasted to perfection it’s time to combine.

In a large bowl mix the veggies (minus the garlic bulb)with the bulgar wheat. Then throw in roughly chopped feta and black olives.Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat Finish off with a sprig of parsley & you’re faced with a delicious meal dying to be eaten!Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat If you can eat it gazing out to the sea on the shores of Santorini then you’re one lucky erm…. person!Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat The rest of us will just have to close our eyes, soak up the mediterranean flavours and dream! Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat


One day Santorini, one day……



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