Red Berry Blender

There’s nothing more cooling in the summer heat than an iced fruity drink.

Red Berry Drink Served with Berries
But why rush to the nearest well known coffee house or smoothie bar for one when you can blitz one up at home.

All you need is:
300g Raspberries
100g Strawberries
250g Caster Sugar
Juice of half a lemon
200mls Water
Lots of Ice Cubes
Makes between 3/4 pint to 1 pint neat cordial
Wash and chop the berries.
Put into a pan with the sugar, lemon juice and water. 

Give the fruit a bit of a bash to help release the juices.

Bring to the boil and then simmer until the fruit is soft and the sugar is dissolved (approx 3-4 minutes). 

Leave the fruity water to cool a little.
Then strain the mixture through a muslin cloth so you are left with a clear cordial. 
At this stage you can just enjoy the cordial with water or continue on for the Red Berry Blender Experience! 
Pour some cordial into a glass and fill to the brim with ice cubes.

Tip this into a blender and blitz.

Pour the Red Berry Blender back into a glass and serve immediately with a straw or spoon. 

Such a refreshing burst of fruity flavour

Drop some berries into the icy pool and then this refreshing drink becomes a snack.

Just dive right in.
Ahh such a thirst quenching drink, perfect for those long hot summer days we’re having!

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