Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake

I’m so excited to be hosting Bake Of The Week whilst Helen at Casa Costello is off on her holidays.

Kirsty from Hijacked By Twins did a great job last week and now it’s my turn!

After learning it is Helen’s birthday today I wanted to bake a cake. So I’ve made my Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake!

Arial view of cake topped with raspberries

8oz Margarine

8oz Caster Sugar

4 Eggs, lightly beaten

8oz Self Raising Flour

1-2tbsp Milk


4oz Margarine

8oz Icing Sugar

2oz White Chocolate Chunks


8oz Raspberries, washed

2oz Sugar

50mls Water


8oz White Chocolate, broken up

100mls Double Cream

 1. Make the ganache by heating the cream in a saucepan over a medium heat until just before the boil. Take off the heat and tip in the white chocolate. Stir until all melted. Leave to cool in the fridge.
 2. To make the coulis put the water and sugar into a saucepan and heat until all the sugar has dissolved. Tip in the raspberries and boil until the fruit is soft, approx 2-3 minutes. Let the fruity liquid cool a little then blitz it in a blender. Finally, sieve the liquid to take out all the raspberry seeds. Leave the coulis to one side to cool completely.
 3. Preheat the oven to 190/170fan/gas 5. Line 2x20 cm round cake tins with baking parchment. Then start on the cake. Cream the margarine and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Add in the eggs and a little of the flour and fold. Then add in the remaining flour and fold until all combined. Add in the milk until the mixture is a dropping consistency. Spoon the mixture equally into the 2 cake tins and pop into the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. Once the cakes are cooked turn out onto cooling racks and leave to cool completely.
 4. Whilst the cakes are cooling make the butter icing. Beat together the margarine and icing sugar until all combined. You can use a hand held mixer to get a good finish on the icing. Tip in the chocolate chips and stir.
 5. Once the cake is cooled it is ready to assemble. Spread the butter icing onto one of the cakes. Then spread over a good amount of the coulis. Pop the other half of the cake on top.
 6. Take the ganache out of the fridge and whisk with a hand held mixer until just firm, approx 1 minute. Be careful not to over whisk as the cream will separate. Spread the ganache on top of the cake and decorate with left over raspberries and shavings of white chocolate.
7. Serve with the left over coulis.

Bake Of The Week….. 

There were lots of lovely entries last week, but my standout favourite is.....
Sun-dried Tomato Italian Bread from ET Speaks From Home

I adore fresh homemade bread straight from the oven. Add in the flavours of sun-dried tomato and the balsamic dipping oil and I'm in heaven! Thank you Eileen for this lovely recipe!
 As usual there were lots of fabulous entries...
Looking through them all starting top left and going clockwise is making my stomach rumble!
1. Summer Berry Cake from Ros at The More Than Occasional Baker. It is quite fitting that Ros also baked this for a friend's birthday!
2. Ginger, Lemon & Chocolate Biscuits from Jenny at Mummy Mishaps. These sound delicious and would have gone down a storm on The Great British Bake Off!
3. Cheats Almond Croissants from myself at Hay In A Day!
4. Fruity, Coconut Florentines from Baking Queen74. The addition of desiccated coconut sounds yummy!
5. Lemon Crunch Cake from Linzi at Lancashire Food. This would go perfectly with a mid morning coffee! 

The link for this week’s Bake of the Week is now open! Join in the fun and showcase your recipe! Add the Bake Of The Week badge to your post and spread the word! 

Casa Costello
I’ve really enjoyed looking through all the tasty recipes.

Next week it’s over to Lindsey from Lancashire Food who will be hosting Bake of The Week….

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