Layered Prawn Salad Pot

When lunch time calls its good to be prepared with a Layered Prawn Salad Pot. 

So easy to layer up the night before and even easier to munch your way through at lunchtime.Prawn Salad Pot Each layer is packed with delicious healthy ingredients.Prawn Salad Pot Prawn Salad Pot Prawn Salad Pot

To make 2 pots:

Start by cooking approximately 50g pasta according to the packet instructions. Leave to one side to cool.Pasta

Meanwhile make the Marie Rose sauce:

Mix together 100mls mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon ketchup & quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a bowl. Leave to one side.

Prepare the layered salad:

Chop up some iceberg lettuce.
Lettuce see what we have here

Grate a carrot or use a nifty gadget to make carrot ribbons.Gadget to make carrot ribbons Chop some tomatoes, cucumber and flat leaved parsley.

Time to start layering up!Get ready to layer up! Stuff the salad into 2 half a litre Kilner jars, forming layers.

I’ve not put amounts of salad in the recipe because its simply as much as you want.

Top the salad with a layer of the cooled pasta.

Followed by a handful of the juiciest king prawns you can find.

And a big dollop of the Marie Rose sauce.
Dollop of Marie Rose sauce Finish off the masterpiece with a handful of chopped parsley.Prawn Salad Pot Shut the lid (if you can!) and pop into the fridge until lunchtime.

Prawn Salad PotLike I said, layer upon layer of healthy goodness.

Layered Prawn Salad Pot

What better way to spend a lunchtime than with a Layered Prawn Salad Pot!






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