Poets Of Keswick

On a trip to Keswick last month we managed to squeeze in a visit to Poets Interiors Of Keswick, a stunning little furniture shop in the heart of the town.

Storage Boxes with British Flag

Betty Boo was there to welcome us.

and her pet dog?
After our warm welcome we started to saunter around the interesting items.

My favourite two pieces in the shop were a giant wine glass,

And a hand chair. Who wouldn’t want a hand for a chair?

Oh hang on, lets make that my 3 favourite things…

On display were lots of funky pillows to liven up any living room.

You either love it or hate it!
Below is my personal favourite. But not to everyone’s taste according to my other half!


We walked briskly past the slightly alarming giant animals.

And over to the fluffier, more cuddly objects!
It’s so fluffy!
Mr H then dragged me over to a rocking motorbike. 
I think if he’d been 30 years younger we’d have been buying it!



Pulling him back to his 30 odd years of age I dragged him over to look at the more grown up furniture.

But then it was my turn to digress.

Loved all the storage boxes in the style of old books.
Upon leaving Poets, we were further distracted by the last few pieces they had on display.

Now we’d seen everything, a pig seat! 

This was too much to ‘ham’dle. 

But Mr H said ‘There’s snout wrong with a pig seat’.

Ok so enough is enough, it’s time to get bac-on our journey! 


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