Pimped Up Poached Eggs


What’s better than breakfast in bed on a Sunday?

Brunch in bed on a Sunday!

No wait.

Even better, my pimped up poached eggs for brunch in bed on a Sunday!

If you’re lucky you could put in an order with your other half to have it cooked and served for you.

In my books that could just possibly be the perfect lazy Sunday!

Pimped Up Poached Eggs

Unfortunately I didn’t get my order in early enough and it was down to me to prepare my Sunday brunch.

So I got to work on my poached eggs with asparagus & chorizo all tumbled over a toasted bagel.

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 014

Why have just poached eggs on a bagel when you can have pimped up poached eggs?

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 024


Chop up as much asparagus & chorizo as you fancy (taking the thin paper casing off the chorizo first).

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 017

Get a deep pan of water going on a gentle boil and put in a dash of vinegar. Using a spoon, swirl the water around creating a whirlpool effect. Crack the eggs into the water as it is swirling around. Leave the eggs to poach for 2-5 minutes depending on how runny you like them.

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 018

Meanwhile start to fry the chorizo & asparagus in a frying pan. There is no need to add oil as the chorizo will ooze a natural oil that will add a delicious flavour to the asparagus.

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 019

Once the eggs are nearly done and the chorizo is nearly browned, cut a bagel in half and toast it.

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 020

Take the eggs out with a slotted spoon and pop onto some kitchen paper to take off the excess water.

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 021

Smother the bagel in butter, top with the plump eggs and then toss over the asparagus & chorizo.

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 023

Let the chorizo oil drizzle all over the eggs. You don’t want to waste a drop.

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 016


Don’t worry about making the plate look pretty, after all it is a lazy Sunday!

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 026

Then say to yourself ‘Tuck in, you deserve it’!

Sunday Breakfast Eggs 025


Sunday Breakfast Eggs 022


Cheers to a tasty, lazy Sunday with my pimped up poached egg Sunday brunch!


If you have any left over chorizo you could try my Roasted Squash, Sage & Chorizo Soup





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