My Top 3 Infruition Flavours & 30% OFF code

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently took control of Infruition’s Instagram account @Infruition.Water.

Follow the link to see the fruit infusing water bottles and my take over…..

Infruition bottles

Last week I had the pleasure of trying Infruitions fabulous water infusing bottles and coming up with my favourite flavour combinations to post on their Instagram account.

I tried quite a few fruity combinations! From kiwi to cucumber.

I decided to share a collection of my favourites and also a 30% OFF code for you to use on the Infruition website.

Simply scroll down for the 30% OFF discount code

My Top 3 Infruition fruity flavours

3. Pear & Vanilla

Pear & Vanilla

Chopped pear & a vanilla pod.

Pear & vanilla are a perfect match, especially when infused in water.

TIP: Leave your vanilla pod whole. After using once, hang and leave to dry out then it can be used again & again.

2. Apple, Blackberry & Cinnamon

Apple, Blackberry & cinnamon

Chopped apple, a few blackberries & a cinnamon stick.

This autumnal combo tastes rather like a crumble. Ok minus the sugar, butter and flour, but it isn’t far off the real thing!

1. Oranges & Lemons

Oranges & Lemons

Chopped oranges & lemons.

My top choice is a simple one but my favourite by far. Simply delicious and beats any regular sugar filled cordial drink!

I had fun trying out all the fruity flavours and taking part in the Instagram take over.

Infruition bottles really are a great way to increase your water intake and to cut out the sugary cordial drinks, or cans of pop. Simply cut up your chosen fruit, pop the fruit into the chamber and you’ve got a tasty fruity drink to carry with you on the go or to drink sat at your desk.

If you’ve seen enough and want an Infruition bottle now then head to their website to claim your 30% OFF. Simply enter the code below at the checkout:


I’d love to know what fruity Infruition flavour turns out to be your favourite!





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