Mars Bar Crispy Cake

So I’d love to say I’d made these for a childrens party or such like, but no. I’ve made them for me!

Mars Bar Crispy Cake





I’ve not had a great deal of time to bake these last few months so I wanted something quick and easy and super tasty.


Mars Bar Crispy Cake


My inner child immediately decided upon my Mars Bar Crispy Cakes!

Mars Bar Crispy Cake


5 Mars Bars, standard size and chopped

140g Margarine

2 tblsp Golden Syrup

Enough Rice Krispies to coat, I used approx 200g

250g chocolate, I used 200g milk & 50g white


Simply melt the mars bars, syrup and marg in a bowl over a pan of boiling water.

Once all melted together take off the heat and stir through the rice krispies a bit at a time until coated.

Tip them into a buttered tin and leave to set.

Meanwhile melt the chocolate and pour over the mars bar crispy base.

I’ve then melted 50g white chocolate and swirled it over the top of the milk!

Mars Bar Crispy Cake

Then put on some coffee and sit back and munch away.

Such a sweet treat.

Mars Bar Crispy Cake

If it’s good enough for the kids it’s good enough for me.

Mars Bar Crispy Cake

Be warned kids – this batch is mine…

All mine!






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