March Degustabox & £6 OFF Code

Here’s a sneak peek into the March Degustabox……

March Degustabox Collage

This months Degustabox was full of lovely treats and new delicious products:

  1. Kent’s Kitchen Stuffing
  2. Pipers Crisps
  3. Weetabix Smoothie – On the go protein shake
  4. Kallo – Chocolate Rice Crackers & Quinoa & Seeds Rice Crackers
  5. Karyatis – Mediterranean Snack
  6. Parle – Monaco & Hide & Seek
  7. Lindt – White Chocolate Bunny
  8. Coletta – Chewits
  9. Metcalfes – Popcorn
  10. Brioche Pasquier – Pan au Chocolate
  11. A2 – Milk

March Degustabox 096

My pick of the box this month is the Kallo Rice Cakes. Especially the quinoa & seeds variety. Smothered them in humous and they make a tasty healthy lunch. I definitely recommend these!

The milk chocolate variety became a delicious snack on the go. March Degustabox 085

Of course the Lindt White Chocolate Bunny rated quite highly on my list! What’s not to like about creamy white chocolate? Lets just say this didn’t last long. March Degustabox 089

Another fantastic product in the box was the Kents Kitchen Apricot, Apple & Ginger Stuffing. Not just your ordinary stuffing, but a different sumptuous option.

Simply add boiling water, shape into balls and cook and you are met with a tasty stuffing fit for any Sunday roast.March Degustabox 081

Or use the stuffing to make my Mini Roast Chicken with Stuffing.

Mini Roast Chicken 012


1 tub of Kents Kitchen Apricot, Apple & Ginger Stuffing

4-6 Chicken breasts

6-12 rashers of bacon

makes approx 4-6 mini roast chicken breasts


1. Preheat the oven to 190C.

2. Make up the Kents Kitchen Stuffing as per the packet instructions but don’t make into balls. Set aside.

3. Cut each chicken breast in half lengthways without cutting all the way through. Creating a butterfly shape.

4. Lay the chicken breasts between two sheets of cling film and bash with a rolling pin to flatten.

5. Put as much stuffing in the center of the flattened chicken breast as you desire, careful not to overfill.

6. Roll up each breast and wrap in enough bacon rashers to seal.

7. Place on a baking tray and pop into the oven for 30-40 minutes until the chicken is cooked and the bacon crispy.

8. Serve with crushed new potatoes & crispy kale.

For more pictures of this recipe check back next week for a new post.

Mini Roast Chicken with Stuffing 016

Onto the other products in the March Degustabox……

Pipers Cheddar & Onion Crisps.

March Degustabox 074 Metcalfe’s Skinny Sweet Popcorn. March Degustabox 075 Coletta Chewits, blackcurrant & strawberry flavours.March Degustabox 077 Parle Monaco & Hide & Seek biscuits.March Degustabox 079 A2 Milk.March Degustabox 082 Karyatis Meze To Go Dip.March Degustabox 083 Brioche Pasquier Pain au Chocolate.

Quite a tasty, quick breakfast option when cereals just will not do!
March Degustabox 084 Weetabix On The Go Protein Drink.

These were quite easy to drink and prefect if you’re in a rush but don’t want to skip breakfast.March Degustabox 091

If you fancy receiving a box full of goodies then head over to the Degustabox website and enter the code

BLDEG15 for a whopping £6 OFF your box.

Enjoy 🙂



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