Le Transat


If you are passing Bénodet this summer make sure you head to Le Transat.

Overlooking the harbour, this restaurant is well worth a visit.

Overlooking the harbour

Back in May my family and I took a trip to Bénodet, South Brittany.

Bénodet itself is a quaint French seaside town with beautiful sandy beaches.

Benodet beach

Benodet beach

Benodet beach


The ice cream parlours and creperies are top notch and the coffee shop right on the beach is genius.

However, when the sun starts to fall and it’s time for a delicious meal then I recommend Le Transat.

After a short walk along the beach you’ll stumble across Le Transat.

Benodet beach

Benodet beach

We hadn’t booked but were welcomed in.

After trying to read the French menu we asked for the English version, then quickly decided on Oysters to start.

Le Transat


Bénodet is known for its seafood so naturally I wanted to try as much of it as possible.

This was my first experience of oysters and honestly the jury is still out. I’m unsure if I like them or hate them! My other half however was more enamoured with them and he polished them off. I think I need to try them again before I decide.

The second course however was the dish I was most looking forward to, scallops.

Scallop dish

This was possibly my favourite seafood dish I’ve tasted. Scallops with saffron risotto and perfectly cooked vegetables. This dish looked amazing and tasted exquisite.

The other half had an equally delicious slow cooked beef with pasta. Perhaps not as beautifully plated but still extremely tasty.

Le Transat

For dessert we opted for a berry crumble and a chocolate option. I may have forgotten what it was made up of but it was as devine as you can imagine.

Chocolate Dessert


Berry Crumble

Le Transat is a great option for a lovely meal. Amazing food beautifully presented. I highly recommend the scallop dish, it was outstanding.

Le Transat

In true French style we had eaten late so after a sneaky glass of wine it was time to head back.

A stroll along the beach was the perfect way to top off the night…….


…… and the perfect way to wave goodbye to France.



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