Herb Crusted Leg of Lamb

Lamb is for life not just for Easter!

Herb Crusted Leg of Lamb


Some people may say I’m a bit late posting this recipe! They may be right, but after having lamb at Easter this year I’ve been reminded how much I love lamb.

So a week after Easter we had another lamb roast dinner and it was delicious.

The herb crust adds another layer of flavour and texture and is well worth the extra time. I’m making sure we have this on the menu again well before next Easter!


Herb Crusted Leg of Lamb


Fresh Mint, large handful roughly chopped

Fresh parsley, small handful roughly chopped

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

4tbsp olive oil

70g panko breadcrumbs

extra oil to coat the lamb



Roast the lamb according to the instructions on the joint.

Meanwhile toss all the herb crust ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly together.

With an hour and a half of the cooking time left take the joint out of the oven. Rub olive oil over the lamb joint then take handfuls of the crust mixture and press onto the leg of lamb until the whole leg is covered in a nice thick crust. Spoon any remaining herb crust mixture into the baking tray around the joint. This will become a delicious herby stuffing.

Place the joint back into the oven and cook for an hour and a half until the leg of lamb is cooked and the herb crust golden brown.

TIP: I have also cooked roasted potatoes and carrots in the same baking tray. Simply par boil the potatoes and carrots for 10 minutes in boiling water then drain and coat the vegetables in oil. Tip them into the tray with the leg of lamb with an hours cooking time to go. Turn the potatoes over after half an hour and gently squash them with a potato masher. This will create a delicious roast potato. Once the herb crusted leg of lamb is ready, serve along side the potatoes and carrots.



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