Greggs Salad and Juice Taste Test

This last week I’ve had the pleasure of eating some delicious salads all courtesy of Greggs!

Greggs Salad and Juice Taste Test Review Greggs have recently launched a new range of salads and juices. To see how they measure up to high street rivals they asked me to be their guinea pig and take part in the Greggs Salad and Juice Taste Test Review.

If you insist Greggs!

So the brief was to try a salad and a juice from the new range at Greggs then also Pret A Manger, Boots, M&S and Starbucks then give each a score out of 5. 1 being poor, 5 being amazing.

This was perfect for me. Having recently had a baby I’ve been trying to shed the baby weight. A week of salad and juice for lunch should surely help.

So as to keep it all fair I’ve stuck with the falafel salad at each cafe and the greenest juice I can find. I’m going to look like a falafel by the end of this week!

So here’s how it went.

As Greggs have commissioned this post ‘lettuce’ start with their salad & juice.

I chose the Falafel, Harissa, Roast Vegetables & Grains Salad and the Zesty Greens Cold Pressed Juice.

Greggs Taste Test Review 395For the full list of their new range of salads & juices visit their website.

Greggs Taste Test Review 393

Greggs Falafel, Harissa, Roast Vegetable & Grains salad

£3.00 (£3.60 Eat In)

Greggs Taste Test Review 407

Taste – 4

Value for money – 4.5

Nutrition – 4

Aesthetics – 4

Freshness – 5


Greggs have come up with a yummy little salad with a nice range of ingredients and 2 side salad dressings. I’m a big fan of harissa so I really enjoyed the spicy kick from the harissa dressing.

I liked the fact there was a mix of spinach and lettuce and a good helping of falafel. As it says on the packaging the salads are made on the same day too which is good to know! It certainly tasted fresh.

On the downside the 2 dressings on their own tasted a bit salty and artificial, but mixed in with the salad it was delicious.

Apart from the Boots meal deal salad the Greggs salad and juice turned out to be the cheapest, so value for money is excellent. They even give you a knife and fork!

Greggs I’m impressed with this salad! It was a tasty, fresh, filling lunch. I’ll definitely be back.

Followed by – Zesty Greens Cold Pressed Juice


Greggs Taste Test Review 400

Taste – 3.5

Value for money – 3.5

Nutrition – 4

Aesthetics – 2

Freshness – 4


I’d say Greggs Zesty Green juice is somewhere in the middle taste wise. You can taste the veggies but with a sweet kick from the fruit. It tastes healthy!

I love the fact it covers 1 of your 5 a day. Don’t let the green colour and the veggies put you off and give this zesty drink a try. It wont break the bank either.

Pret A Manger – Sweet Potato Falafel & Smashed Beets Veggie Box

£4.50 (£5.40 dine in)

Greggs Taste Test Review 364

Taste – 4.5

Value for money – 3.5

Nutrition – 5

Aesthetics – 5

Freshness – 5


Lets start by saying this was a good looking salad! Vibrant, colourful and appealing this salad was crying out to be eaten. If it tasted as good as it looked I was in for a treat. It didn’t disappoint, it tasted amazing.

There was a nice variety of fresh ingredients. I loved the creamy avocado and the beetroot humous was delicious. The additional ‘green dressing’ was perfect although there is no mention of what was in it. The slice of lemon was a nice touch too.

On the downside it was a bit salty and they only gave you 2 small falafel. It was also a tad pricey, coming in at the most expensive salad and juice out of the 5 in the taste test. However the salad was delicious and healthy, packed full of fresh ingredients so I cannot complain about the price. This is one well balanced, tasty salad and scored the highest on the taste test.

Followed by – Daily Greens Juice


Greggs Taste Test Review 367

Taste – 2

Value for money – 3

Nutrition – 5

Aesthetics – 2

Freshness – 4


This is a seriously healthy juice. It is packed full of lovely vegetables including spinach, parsley and cucumber and sounds extremely good for you. If you’re looking for a kick of healthy green veg then this is perfect. But if you are wanting a tasty juice to go with your salad then this is not the juice I’d choose. If you are a fan of ginger you’ll love this extremely green juice as its pretty overwhelming.

Overall this is a good juice to notch up your 5 a day but not one for the taste buds. Sorry Pret but this has scored the lowest on the taste test.

Starbucks – Falafel & Quinoa Lentil Salad


Greggs Taste Test Review 375

Taste – 4

Value for money – 3.5

Nutrition – 4

Aesthetics – 4

Freshness – 4


I was suprised by Starbucks salad. I’m not normally a fan of the food on offer at high street coffee outlets but this was a nice little salad. The quinoa and lentil part was delicious and the beetroot humous devine.

However hold back on the lettuce next time Starbucks, there was a bit too much for me. Also there were no extra bits like lemon or a dressing or knife and fork. What was lacking in extra bits though they made up for in extra falafel!

The quinoa and beetroot humous was the star of this salad. Thumbs up Starbucks.

Follwed by –

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a cold pressed ‘green juice’ in Starbucks. I had a look in a few stores but was unable to find anything similar to the Greggs Zesty Greens juice. If I find one I’ll update this 🙂

Marks and Spencer – Edamame & Black Rice


Greggs Taste Test Review 425

Taste – 2.5

Value for money – 4

Nutrition – 5

Aesthetics – 4.5

Freshness – 4


I hunted high and low for a falafel salad in M&S but I couldn’t find one. I looked in 4-5 different shops. So this was the nearest equivalent I could find.

All the salads on this taste test have been salty but the Marks and Spencer Edamame & Black Rice is top of the pack for saltiness. It was a bit too much for me, sorry M&S.

However it was a great looking salad, very colourful and lots of unusual ingredients. The soy and chilli cashew nut dip was interesting and I loved the pickled beetroot.

There was no dressing, but it didn’t need one. Also no knife and fork!

Overall it was a nice salad but just too salty for me so has unfortunately scored the lowest in the taste test.

Followed by – Pressed Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Passionfruit & Kale


Greggs Taste Test Review 424

Taste – 5

Value for money – 4

Nutrition – 4

Aesthetics – 3.5

Freshness – 4


This green juice is the other end of the scale to the Pret A Manger juice. It’s very fruity and sweet with a hint of kale. So it’s scored highly for taste!

A lovely pineapple flavour runs through it making it a yummy thirst quenching drink for only £1.50.

This overall was my favourite juice and scored the highest on the taste test. A complete opposite to the M&S salad result!

Boots – Carrot & Coriander Falafel Salad



Greggs Taste Test Review 427

Taste – 4

Value for money – 4

Nutrition – 4

Aesthetics – 3.5

Freshness – 4


This salad did not look the best on the shelf, the packaging didn’t do it much justice. Taste wise though the falafel were yummy and I loved the clean fresh taste of the salad and grains. Without the dressing the salad and grains were not too salty but add the dressing and there was the salt! Although I will give it to Boots as the dressing was tasty.

Value for money this is the best as part of the meal deal and again they give you a fork! This is a must when the weather is stunning and lunch becomes a picnic in the park!

Followed by – Naked Green Machine


Greggs Taste Test Review 420

Taste – 5

Value for money – 4

Nutrition – 3.5

Aesthetics – 4

Freshness – 4


This was by far my favourite juice taste wise. It had a nice smooth texture and fruity taste even though it has vegetables in it. However it is high in sugars, albeit natural sugar, but high non the less.

I think the packaging makes this juice more appealing. It is quite highly priced but when bought as part of the meal deal this salad and juice combination is the cheapest of the five in the taste test.

A very nice juice. I’ll be buying it again but not if I’m watching my sugar intake!

I’ve enjoyed my week of salad and juice for lunch. Thank you Greggs!

Overall the scores for the Greggs Falafel Salad and Zesty Greens Juice have been good.

So I think its safe to say that the new range is a hit!

Keep up the good work Greggs!

*This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are my own.

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