A Feast In York

After a long drive to York I was hungry & cold….

Let the Feast of York begin…..!  

First things first we had to warm up & order some breakfast.

We had pulled up a seat in a delightful little cafe just down from the York Minster.

Brew & Brownie apparently did amazing american pancakes. I think I may have caught sight of some!

A Feast In York

When they were brought to our table my eyes lit up!

Brew & Brownie pancakes

These were hands down the best american pancakes I have ever had the pleasure of trying.

The blueberries were a nice addition too.

american pancakes

Needless to say they were devoured quickly.

With a pot of loose leaved peppermint tea to follow.

Mint Tea



Brew & Brownie was a cute cafe, I wish I’d had time to take more pictures, but hopefully I’ll be back for another round of pancakes soon!

It was time to take in the sights of the York Minster just around the corner.

York Minster


York Minster

Such a vast cathedral. It’s a magnificent building.

York Minster

Taking a break outside York Minster

It’s such a contrast when you see the Minster nestled in amongst the modern shops.

A Feast In York

Once inside, the thing that struck me straight away were the windows.

Inside York Minster

They stretch right up to the vast ceilings.

Inside York Minster

With amazing detail.

Inside York Minster

The enormity of the building takes your breath away.

Inside York Minster

It’s perfect to walk off the stack of pancakes.

Inside York Minster


Inside York Minster


A Feast In York 19


Inside York Minster


Inside York Minster


Inside York Minster

After loosing yourself in the cathedral for an hour or two it’s time to head out into the open again.

Inside York Minster

York has a quaint maze of streets to stroll through.


The Shambles has a quirky feel.

A Feast In York

With shops you’ll not find anywhere else.

A Feast In York

After ambling round through the cobbled streets we decided it was time for lunch. We’d heard of a small cafe that did delicious pulled pork in a sour dough bun. This we had to try.

Pulled Pork Bun


All homemade with their own secret recipe rub on locally sourced pork. It was not a looker but it was tasty.

The only downside was the cafe was so small it only had 1-2 tables which were all taken at the time. So it was out on the street for us, just as the rain came down!

Feast In York

Despite this we enjoyed our lunch and it refueled us for some serious shopping!

Whilst we had hoped for a glorious day of sunshine, as this is Britain we all know that the weather does exactly what it wants.

It continued to pour down during our shopping experience. We were glad we had seen some sights before the heavens had opened.

Once we had shopped untill we dropped & had seen enough of the rain, we took shelter in Betty’s Tea Rooms.

Table Feature


Every cloud has a silver lining. Where there is rain there is always a reason to find cover in a cozy tea room with a large slice of torte!

Tea Tray Bettys

Betty’s Tea Room is a delightful ‘oldy worldy’ tea shop, sophisticated & elegant.

A Feast In York 70

After all tea & cake is something to be celebrated so why not splash out and treat yourself to something special at Bettys?!

A Feast In York 65

And that we did!

A Feast In York 54

With a creamy hot chocolate & a pot of tea……

A Feast In York 56


A Feast In York 58

….Engadine Torte, layers of hazelnut meringue and almond buttercream, topped with hazelnut Medicis.

Torte in Betty's Tea Room

And Chocolate & Raspberry Torte, made with Swiss dark chocolate, almonds, hazelnuts and caramelised raspberries.

Torte in Bettys Tea Rooms

I started with the chocolate torte but then had a strong case of food envy!


The Engadine Torte was just calling out my name….

A Feast In York


A Feast In York

I didn’t take much persuading.

I took my chance and swapped.

I was much happier.

A Feast In York

Unfortunately the rain had not stopped by the time we had surfaced from Bettys so we decided to call it a day.

Thank you Bettys for a delicious end to our feast in York & an escape from the English weather.

Whilst the weather had tried its best to dampen our spirits, York just kept on lifting them.

York is a dazzling city even under sheets of rain.




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