Dol de Bretagne, France

On a recent trip to France we had a wander round Dol de Bretagne.  

A quaint cobblestone French town located in Brittany, North West France.Dol de BretagneIt’s a pretty colourful town lined with quirky old buildings.

Dol de BretagneCobblestonesQuirky Old House Apparently it is home to the oldest stone built house in France. Although sadly we did not find it!Main StreetStroll along the main street and you’ll find delicious looking patisseries, charcuteries and florists.

Dog Seat! Back street restaurant 1 Kilo of Salted Caramel Sauce Walk off the beaten track and you’ll find the stunning cathedral.La Cathedrale CathedralDol de BretagneDol de BretagneDol de Bretagne Gardens are dotted throughout the town displaying local artwork.


Dol de Bretagne

Water Fountain

Dol de Bretagne We’d heard Dol de Bretagne was a lovely town, but we also had another reason for visiting. We came in search of crepes.

And crepes we found.

At a nautical themed restaurant at the top of the main street called Round Avel.

We started off sampling the local cider. It was not like the cider I’ve had before. You could really taste the apples!
Local Cider I then ordered a galette which turned out to be a savoury crepe, not a baguette as I had thought.

I’d managed to search out a crepe without even trying.
Galette Dol de Bretagne But the stars of the show were the sweet crepes.

A plain chocolate drizzled crepe.Chocolate Crepe And a white chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and smarties crepe!Chocolate and Smarties Crepe C’est Bon!Dol de Bretagne

After eating our lunch we wandered some more, picking up some cheeses and more local cider for later.

Dol de Bretagne Dol de Bretagne Dol de Bretagne

We also found a local cake called Pave de Dol which we couldn’t resist!

Dol de BretagneIf you’re passing Dol de Bretagne I recommend a visit.

If you find the oldest brick built house, tweet me a picture!





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