Colossal Colosseum

Finally the sun decided to shine down on us in colossal fashion!

Colossal ColosseumOn our third day in Rome we hopped on the Metro, our destination the Colosseum. When we arrived we stepped off the Metro to be greeted with the colossal Colosseum and the glorious sun all in one go.

Colossal ColosseumWe spent some time admiring the Colosseum as it stood in front of us. It is a shell of what it used to be but still it’s magnificence dominates. Colossal Colosseum

It is such a dramatic view.Colossal Colosseum Colossal Colosseum Colossal ColosseumIt also had quite a dramatic queue! So we thought we’d queue at the Roman Forum instead. Once you’ve paid, your ticket allows you into both the Forum and the Colosseum. So it’s wise to pick the shortest queue!Colossal Colosseum Colossal Colosseum We didn’t wait long until we were wandering through the ruins of the Roman Forum.

The Forum held many of the most important structures in the ancient city including government offices, shrines & temples.   Roman Forum Roman Forum Roman Forum Parts of the Forum still hold onto the grand stature that once was, Roman Forum Roman Forum Whilst some areas showed a softer side.Roman ForumRoman ForumOrange TreeI’d love an orange and lemon tree at home!

Lemon TreeColosseumRoman ForumRoman Forum
Roman Forum

After wandering and snapping photos for a few hours in the midday sun we realised we were parched. Seen as though picking the oranges and lemons was forbidden, we thought we’d better seek refreshments outside of the Forum.

Unfortunately we failed when it came to finding a nice spot for lunch near the colosseum. No restaurant or cafe seemed to stand out to us or fit what we wanted. So as not to waste anymore time searching, we just grabbed a quick coffee, pastry and a few bottles of water and carried on to the Colosseum.Colossal ColosseumColossal Colosseum Built around 70-80 AD, the Colosseum is considered the largest ampitheatre in the world. It was home to all manner of events from gladiatorial contests to theatrical plays to executions. Colossal Colosseum It’s quite an impressive place.Colossal Colosseum

We came to the decision that we’d spent enough time sight seeing for the day and the hunt for dinner was on.

We took a long stroll through the streets, admiring some of the Italian buildings.

Some grand…Roman BuildingRoman Building Some colourful and traditional.Traditional Italian Building We eventually stumbled upon the Piazza Pasquino and found a quaint restaurant called Cantina & Cucina

It had a traditional feel but with quirky decorative bottle lights and doors hanging from walls.Cantina & Cucina The menu sounded delicious.

Cantina & Cucina

I was seduced by homemade Ravioli with Ricotta & Spinach.Cantina & Cucina

Whilst the other half had Breaded Veal Escalope.Cantina & Cucina

We also shared a bucket of deep fried fresh squid.Cantina & Cucina These little critters were delizioso!Cantina & Cucina My homemade Ravioli was probably the most simple and rustic plate of food I’d had so far and my favourite of the holiday.

For dessert we shared their signature homemade Tiramisu.

Now we’ve tasted other Tiramisu since being in Rome but this was by far the stand out one!Cantina & CucinaI must try to recreate this Tiramisu as it was rather moreish!

Feeling like we’d eaten and drunk ourselves to a colossal standstill it was time to meander the streets back to our hotel.

We may have stopped off at a gelateria on the way home……

Well, when in Rome!








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