Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

These chocolate orange protein bars are high in protein and are delicious! They are great as a snack or could even be used as a healthy alternative for a present. Wrap a few squares up in a clear cellophane gift bag and tie the top with some string or ribbon and hey presto! 

All you need is:

13oz/370g pecans
2oz/50g cocoa powder
16 large medjool dates, stones removed
2 and a half tbsp orange extract
2 tbsp manuka honey
2oz/50g dried cranberries

Lightly toast the pecans. No oil is needed.

Chocolate Orange Protein Bars Recipe

Then blend the toasted pecans and the cocoa powder in a food processor.

Once they are coarsely ground add in the dates and blend into the dry mixture.

Add the orange extract and honey and blend once more.

At this point you need to make sure the mixture will come together and hold its shape when pressed together. If it is too dry add some more honey or dates and blend again.
I’ve then stirred in cranberries to my mixture for extra flavour but you can add whatever you like.
Press the mixture firmly down into a baking dish and then place in the freezer for about an hour to firm up.

Then simply cut up into 16 squares.

And enjoy!

These are so easy to make with hardly any mess. Except when I make them as I am such a messy cook!

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