Caramel Apple Sponge Pudding

A moist sponge covered with soft succulent apples and smothered in glorious, sticky, caramel sauce. 
This is what autumn was made for!

Caramel Apple Sponge on a plate

Granted, it’s not much of a looker!

But heart warming puddings shouldn’t be immaculately presented in my book.

They should however be so tasty that the bowl cries out to be licked!

And this Caramel Apple Sponge Pudding delivers that, trust me. 

Start by making the caramel sauce:

Put 50mls cold water into a heavy based saucepan and cover with 200g sugar. Heat gently, stirring continuously until the sugar is dissolved. Then bring to the boil. Do Not Stir. Leave the sugar mixture to bubble until a nice golden brown colour. Then add 225mls double cream and whisk to combine. Finally stir in 50g unsalted butter. Leave the caramel to one side.

Then prepare the sponge:

Cream together 6oz baking spread and 6oz caster sugar. Add in 3 lightly beaten eggs and 6oz self raising flour and fold in gently. Then fold in 1/4tsp of baking powder. Leave to one side.

Time to assemble:

Butter a one & a half pint pudding basin and place on top of some folded up pieces of foil. These create handles when brought up round the sides of the bowl making it easy to lift later on!

Peel, core and slice 1 apple and place in a layer around the pudding basin.

Then scoop in as much of the caramel sauce as you desire on top of the apples. I put in approximately 2 ladles full. Then smother with the sponge mixture. Flatten out the top.

Finally cover the pudding with foil then using the foil handles lift the whole thing into a steamer. 

Steam for one and a half hours.

Once steamed carefully lift the pudding out. Leave to cool for a few minutes then turn it out onto a plate to serve.

Pour the remaining caramel sauce into a jug to enjoy with the pudding.

Then marvel at your creation!

This beauty will serve approximately 8-10 people.

Divide up the pudding and serve with the remaining caramel sauce.

Drizzle it all over and watch the glossy, sticky, creamy sauce glaze the sponge!

Keep going…

Bit more…

Ok best stop there so there’s enough for everyone! 

If you wanted to really push the boat out you could add custard, ice cream, cream the choice is yours!

I think a stroll in the fresh air will be called for once this pudding has been devoured! 

This delicious pudding followed by a blustery walk equals a perfect autumnal Sunday!


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