Boozy Balls

As the festive season draws near I’m breaking out my Boozy Balls. 

Christmas is a time when the booze flows freely! And it seems acceptable to add alcohol to almost anything (responsibly of course!)

Boozy Balls So as not to let the festive season down I’ve blitzed up a frenzy of Boozy Balls.

With just 4 ingredients that makes these balls a quarter alcohol! I’m not sure that is mathematically correct but hey who’s counting?!

Boozy Balls

Boozy Balls


125g pitted dates

40g cocoa powder

50g desiccated coconut

2tbsp Malibu/Chocolate Mint Baileys

(makes about 10 balls)

Snow covered balls


1. Put the dates & cocoa powder into a food processor & pulse until the dates start to break up.

2. Add in the desiccated coconut & pulse to combine.

3. Pour in the Malibu & pulse to bring all the ingredients together.

4. Roll the mixture up into about 10 balls, using your hands, and leave to firm up in the fridge.

Boozy Balls 018 Perfect for a Christmas party or maybe a festive gift?

Boozy Balls 036

Go steady on these balls as they will make you see double after a few!

Close UpFeel free to change the alcohol to your tipple of choice.

Malibu bottle

What would you put into your boozy balls?

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