Antiques and Royal Tea

On a day trip to Norwich we stumbled across my past!


We found a small antiques market tucked away on St Gregory’s street and we sauntered in for what my man hoped would be a quick browse. 
But to my surprise the market caught my attention and seemed to transport me back to my childhood. There were multiple pieces in there that had surrounded me as a child.
Ohhh a fondu will do
Did anyone else collect these?
Something I remember hearing quite frequently as a child!
There were some inspiring pieces for the home
Some fascinating pieces from a time well before me, but that simply reminded me how far things have progressed.
Blogs would have been very different in those days!
Some interesting kitchen equipment that caught my eye…
And to top it all off there were racks of clothes and bags and jewelry to sift through.
I could have got lost in the market taking pictures for hours. But it seemed as though someone was trying to tell us something…..

Well who were we to argue, so off we went in search of cake.

We meandered through the streets to find an interesting looking cafe. Biddy’s Tea Room.


The wedding cakes in the windows looked spectacular.
There were more amazing looking wedding cakes on show but I got caught up in ordering cake rather than photographing it! This is my excuse for my terrible photo above.
Initially we headed upstairs
But soon learned that you really need to book to get in up here. Apparently they do a high tea which looked fabulous and had us drooling, but they were all booked out. We would have to come back to try this another day!
Instead we ended up in the royal lounge downstairs. This lounge was covered in interesting eye catching artifacts that kept me clicking away happily until our cake arrived!
Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with the Toblerone cake, as there wasn’t a hint of Toblerone flavour in sight.

But I happily tucked in regardless!

Time For Tea?

Unfortunately this part of the tea room was lost on me as I do not drink tea! So I merrily sipped my hot water whilst my man enjoyed his brew!

As I was saying the room was littered with quaint objects.




There was definitely a Royal theme. 


Except me!

An interesting tea room that I will have to visit again in the near future to investigate the high tea. Despite the lack of tea drinking on my part, a high tea that looked that good cannot be ignored!


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