Afternoon Tea At Stapleford Park

What better way to while away a lazy day than with a glass of champagne and an endless supply of cakes?

Front of Stapleford Park Hotel

Thats right, an endless supply of cakes and sandwiches are on offer with the afternoon tea at Stapleford Park Country House Hotel!

Three Tiered Stand of cakes

After hearing this we had to go and try it out, and we weren’t dissapointed.

But before we get to the cakes, lets take a stroll around the grounds…..

Afternoon Tea at Stapleford Park


Even on a dull day the grounds are stunning.

Taking a turn around the estate is the perfect way to build up an appetite for whats to come!


Afternoon Tea 1


Afternoon Tea 3

For the clever ones amongst you, a larger than life game of chess could be in order. Brilliant, your mind gets a work out as well as your body.

Afternoon Tea 4

Then on for a wander through the warren of courtyards.

Afternoon Tea 5

Through secret doors.

Afternoon Tea 12




Afternoon Tea 10


Afternoon Tea 11

But make sure you are back in time for tea. Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this treat.

Afternoon Tea 19


A kind gentleman will show you to your seats.

Afternoon Tea 26

Where you are free to get cozy amoungst the pillows.

Afternoon Tea 29

After getting comfortable you’ll be faced with a scrumptious spread.

Afternoon Tea Spread

And with an endless view across the fields you wont know where to look first.

Afternoon Tea 28

A good place to start is with the champagne!

Afternoon Tea 36

Then start to devour the sandwiches.

Remember once they’re gone……

Afternoon Tea 40

you can simply ask for more!

Three Tiered Stand of cakes


After all, you did work up that appetite strolling in the blustery weather!

But save room for the star of the show (in my opinion)…..

Afternoon Tea 38


The scones.

Smothered in lashings of fruit compote and clotted cream, they are fit for a king & queen!


Afternoon Tea 41

Then top it all off with a flurry of desserts. Each one as decadent as the other.

At this point anyone who asks for top ups I salute you!

Afternoon Tea 43

Then try your hand at a spot of tea leaf reading whilst you chat away in your beautiful surroundings.

Reading my peppermint tea leaves at Stapleford, what do you see?!

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Make sure to leave just in time to capture the house as the sun sets.


Afternoon Tea 23

It really is a stunning end to a stunning day. I recommend a trip.

If you’re quick they have an offer on in January for a free glass of champagne with the afternoon tea.

Who could say no to a free glass of champagne?!






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