A Rainy Day In Rome

The great thing about living in Britain is the ease with which we can explore the culture in Europe. Rome is just a couple of hours away so last week we nipped off for a little getaway.

For the first day it rained constantly, but the day was far from a wash out.

As despite the rain, we had plans!

Eager to get out and explore, we marched off into Rome.

We had pre booked tickets to go into the Vatican Museum. A great rainy day activity. I would recommend pre booking as the queue is quite something.

Vatican Museum

The Vatican museum holds some interesting displays, my favourite of which being the egyptian collection.

Ehyptian Collection

Make sure you look up as you walk around otherwise you will miss the stunning ceilings.Rome 5

Rome 12

View of St Peters

A Rainy Day In Rome


Rome 22

The star of the show was walking around the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures within the chapel. You also must remain silent, which the guards are understandably very strict about.

Marble Face

It truly is magnificent in the Chapel. Michelangelo’s work is amazing and I cannot imagine the time it must have taken to paint the intricate art.

The chapel is now used for the conclave when a new pope is to be elected.

After spending a good few hours wandering and trying to soak up all that is to be seen in the Vatican, we went out in search of chocolate!

We stepped out of the Vatican into the pouring rain and headed towards the Pantheon. Apparently this is the place to go in rain, sleet or snow.

But before we went in, as I said we were in need of a ‘pick me up’, so veered off towards the Lindt cafe.

A cup of ‘Cicoccolate Calda’ (hot chocolate) and a ‘Pistaghiotto’ (mixture of pistachio chocolate, coffee & cream) was what we wanted.

Hot Chocolate Pistachio Coffee Lindt Cafe Rome

Hot chocolate in Italy is to die for.

It wouldn’t be safe for me to live in Italy because of it!Hot Chocolate Lindt Cafe Rome

After refuelling and then having a gander round the shop, we headed back out into the glorious rain.Lindt Bunnies Rome 87

The Pantheon was the next stop to watch the rain fall.

Pantheon Pantheon Rome

The magnificent church has an oculus in the centre dome, that allows the rain to fall effortlessly and spatter to the floor.

Rome 50

What better place to go when the rain is non stop!Rain falling through the oculus Rain spattering on the floor at the Pantheon

To sit and watch it pour but be under cover from the grand stone building is quite comforting.Rome 52

After a while it was time to move on from the comfort of watching the rain to stomping through the puddles to find dinner.

We headed to the Piazza Navona and found a pizzeria just off the piazza. There are multiple restaurants to pick from. We chose one with cover, gas heaters and the promise of fresh pizza!

Rom 101

Whilst we enjoyed our rainy day in Rome the rain had gotten a bit tiresome. So to be dry and warm was great!A Rainy Day In Rome

Then out came the wine followed by the fresh pizza.


A Rainy Day In Rome


Fresh Italian Pizza!

Fresh Pizza In Rome

After devouring our mains we drank and chatted until the waiter came over to ask if we wanted to try the tiramisu for dessert?

Of course!

Ci per favore!A Rainy Day In Rome It turns out that was the only option for dessert! It was bellissimo!Tiramisu Our first day was coming to an end. It had been a damp, delightful, tasty, tantalising day full of ancient Roman history and wonderment.A Rainy Day In Rome


A perfect rainy day in Rome.





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